My talk at CamJam 6th June

I only live about 45 minutes away from Cambridge, the home of the Raspberry Pi, and kept meaning to get over there to attend ‘CamJam,’ the Cambridge Raspberry Pi ‘Jam’ but never quite succeeding.  Well earlier this month I finally did so.  Having signed up to attend, I then saw that the organisers were looking for people to volunteer to give talks.  As I had recently prepared something to deliver to our local Computing At School meet-up, I thought I could offer something similar at CamJam.  The meeting was held in Cambridge University’s Institute of Astronomy.

Through the course of this year I had been finding out about the Raspberry Pi and trying to work out how to use it with my key stage 3 computing classes (11-14 years old), many of whom had never done any coding before, yet readily took to the Raspberry Pi.  So I put together a talk around the ideas of the practicalities of using the Pi with classes, content we covered with our classes and where we hope to go to next with the Pi.

As if I wasn’t nervous enough, shortly before my talk I was told that Stephen Hawking and Professor Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal, sometimes lecture in this very room and…could I put on a headset, as my talk was going to be streamed live and put on the internet?  Eek!  Well here is my effort.

If you have never been to a Raspberry Pi Jam before, they are good fun.  CamJam offers a mixture of talks, stalls, show-and-tell tables and workshops.  There is a good write-up here : RasPi.TV

It was great to meet some other educators there, who were in the same boat as me, either just looking at using the Pi, or having just done a little bit of work using the Pi with students.  The organisers had also very thoughtfully arranged a ‘quiet  zone’ to escape to and advertised a meetup for Pi Certified Teachers.

To find out about a Raspberry Pi Jam near you, have a look on the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s website here:


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