My talk at CamJam 6th June

I only live about 45 minutes away from Cambridge, the home of the Raspberry Pi, and kept meaning to get over there to attend ‘CamJam,’ the Cambridge Raspberry Pi ‘Jam’ but never quite succeeding.  Well earlier this month I finally did so.  Having signed up to attend, I then saw that the organisers were looking for people to […]

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Slow Motion Alcohol Burn

In our Chemistry labs at school, we have an infamous demo we love to do, called the ‘Whoosh Bottle.’  A small quantity of Ethanol is placed in a big water cooler bottle, swilled around the inside and then, with lab coats, safety specs on and safety screens in place, the top of the bottle is […]

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Slow Motion Oil Fire

I wanted to see how the Raspberry Pi and Pi Camera would handle doing a slow motion video of a chip pan fire.  So, with the help of a colleague in the science department, we set up a copper pot of boiling oil, some water in a test tube and a metre stick. Here is […]

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Pi Glow Parade

I have been meaning to get one of these for ages now, but there is always something else wonderful from Pimoroni to spend my money on 🙂 I knew it fitted inside a PiBow, so I put it inside me PiTFT Pibow case, which doesn’t currently have its screen on top. Setup is pretty straightforward, you […]

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Putting the Astro Pi together

Well I put the Astro Pi together and followed the instructions from the Raspberry Pi website for setting up the Raspberry Pi and Astro Pi. Here’s what came with it.  I was a little concerned to see the screws and spacers rolling around inside an anti-static bag with the Astro Pi board though. I must […]

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Astro Pi – First Steps

Three of my students won an Astro Pi set for their ideas on what Tim Peake could do with an Astro Pi on the international space station.  My student’s prize kits came just before the holiday, so I haven’t had a chanceto hand them over yet.  However, I have just sneaked one board home for the […]

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