Codebug Tinkering

So this week I got myself a CodeBug (website here). I’ve been really impressed by this little board.  With the launch of the BBC Microbit so shrouded in mystery, I wanted to have a go at using a similar device before the Microbits make it into school’s like mine.  I figure that if I can […]

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Ipswich Raspberry Jam

As I’m from that part of the world originally, I thought I’d make a journey over to the inaugural raspberry jam taking place in Ipswich library.  I had noticed that the programme still listed 2 slots as ‘TBA’ so I contacted the organisers offering to do a talk about using the Pi Camera for beginners.  […]

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Slow Motion Icing Sugar Burning

I went to the Science Museum in London some time ago and saw a brilliant demo attempting to show that sugar has a lot of energy in it.  Having tried to set fire to a pile of granulated sugar on a heat-proof mat, the demonstrator then tried the same with icing sugar, which of course has smaller grains.  […]

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