Codebug Tinkering

So this week I got myself a CodeBug (website here). I’ve been really impressed by this little board.  With the launch of the BBC Microbit so shrouded in mystery, I wanted to have a go at using a similar device before the Microbits make it into school’s like mine.  I figure that if I can […]

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Ipswich Raspberry Jam

As I’m from that part of the world originally, I thought I’d make a journey over to the inaugural raspberry jam taking place in Ipswich library.  I had noticed that the programme still listed 2 slots as ‘TBA’ so I contacted the organisers offering to do a talk about using the Pi Camera for beginners.  […]

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Slow Motion Icing Sugar Burning

I went to the Science Museum in London some time ago and saw a brilliant demo attempting to show that sugar has a lot of energy in it.  Having tried to set fire to a pile of granulated sugar on a heat-proof mat, the demonstrator then tried the same with icing sugar, which of course has smaller grains.  […]

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My talk at CamJam 6th June

I only live about 45 minutes away from Cambridge, the home of the Raspberry Pi, and kept meaning to get over there to attend ‘CamJam,’ the Cambridge Raspberry Pi ‘Jam’ but never quite succeeding.  Well earlier this month I finally did so.  Having signed up to attend, I then saw that the organisers were looking for people to […]

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Slow Motion Alcohol Burn

In our Chemistry labs at school, we have an infamous demo we love to do, called the ‘Whoosh Bottle.’  A small quantity of Ethanol is placed in a big water cooler bottle, swilled around the inside and then, with lab coats, safety specs on and safety screens in place, the top of the bottle is […]

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